Friday, 24 May 2013

New purchases

So I decided the other day that it was time to invest in a ball winder and umbrella swift.

This is going to make my life easier this summer for sure (and in the future). I did a bunch of research and found what I think are good products and at decent prices. I hope they come soon though, because I tried to split the skein of silk hiro so I could dye it for the weft of my painted warp scarves, and the splitting didn't go so well. It's going to be a backward process, but I will have to wind it in to a ball, and try to get about half in the first ball - the skein is way too big for just one ball anyway. But once I ball it, I'll have to re-skein it so I can dye it. So the ball winder will definitely come in handy.

I also bought a bunch of heddles for my 60" loom. When I threaded the last project I did on that loom, I didn't have enough heddles and had to make some out of cotton. And it took FOREVER. There was probably 80ish heddles less than what I needed, so I decided buying more would be a wise move.