Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Knitting machine

I finally got a knitting machine! It was a bargain and although its not the prettiest machine (in that it is old and yellowing), it works!! Well, in truth, I had to take it a part a bit to clean it out and oil it because I thought I broke it when I moved one of the levers, but I didn't! It just needed some TLC.

So now this will expand my crafting abilities. Although I do knit by hand, I'm looking forward to being able to whip something up quickly if the need arises. For example, yesterday Kristian asked me if I had anything for a baby shower. Which I didn't, so I spent a good part of the day making a cute gender neutral baby hat (doing up tension swatches and such) and although its done, it would have been a BREEZE doing it on this machine.  
For those who know a bit about knitting machines: it is a Brother KH-260 which is a bulky machine and only has about 100 needles on the bed, but I couldn't pass up this machine. Definitely a good one to start out with!

Taking it apart to clean it. God I'm good! (Sorry about the picture quality)