Friday, 19 April 2013


The last assignment in my weaving class for the semester was to weave a rug. But first we had to make a sample. We did 5" samples of different patterns and set ups. It's really neat actually.

And I ended up having a bunch of warp left over, and made this awesome little rug. I think I might make a carpet bag type thing out of it. We'll see. I've been so busy with actual school work that I haven't sewn in all the ends or the fringe yet.

Then I designed my rug. I really liked the look of flamepoint, so that is what I chose for my larger blanket. It's about 30"x48".

The stripes were kind of a fluke, but I really like them. The store at school was about to do inventory, so their stock was lower than usual. There was a lot of the light grey, so I decided I'd incorporate stripes in to the pattern. I think I like it better than if I had done a solid pattern.