Monday, 15 July 2013

More tea towels

The loom I brought to work hasn't been seeing as much action as I would like. First it was too hot to be in the upstairs in that building, or I forgot to bring more cotton, or we were busy, or I needed a break from working and needed more than anything just to sit and do nothing.

But I finally got one towel off. These are the set of towels that I decided to try overshot with. Of course since I've never tried overshot before (and will be learning it next year in school), I was bound to make a mistake or two. My main mistake was that I didn't research what the sett should be - in other words, I didn't really do my homework. I am using 4/8 cotton and chose 12EPI as my sett. Previously, I'd used  14EPI, but I knew it needed to be a bit more spread out because I was planning on doing mostly plain weave. Little did I know, the sett for overshot needs to be even farther apart. So I did my first towel and it didn't look the greatest. It definitely looks better in the picture than in real life.

Overshot attempt #1

Believe me, it doesn't look like this in person. You can see the pattern starting to show, but with the tabby shots, it just looks too spread out in person. So I understand why the sett needs to be farther apart. 

I cut this towel off last week and might try changing reed sizes. I have a 10 reed I'm not currently using, so I feel like it would be worth it - otherwise, all 11 remaining will be completely plain weave within occasionally shot of blue thrown in there.

Oh well. I'm learning. :)