Friday, 14 June 2013

The loom is on the move

So I am taking a leap and moving my smallest loom (36" wide) to my summer workplace. Since I'm managing it, and have known most of the volunteer board of directors the majority of my life, I decided to bring my loom at set it up in the tea room. Some of the people I talked to were all for it, others not as sold on the idea.  That's why it's a leap. Better to ask forgiveness than permission? Maybe?

I realize that I'm not putting it there so I can weave on all of my spare time, because likely I won't have a ton. It's more as an educational thing for people who come in and are genuinely interested. It's in the upstairs if the tea room which is set up as a museum of sorts, so not everyone goes up there. But hopefully the word will spread that someone is weaving there and we will get a few more customers that way.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am making tea towels - all white plain weave except for a band of colour on one end. This way, if anyone wants to try weaving, I can say of course and tell them the two treadles to push.  Obviously the coloured band is going to be a bit more involved, so the white will be the only time I'd let anyone try. And if they royally mess up, we'll, I can always undo the weaving - although I HATE that.

Taking it apart
Putting it all back together again!

I'm heading to Moncton area this weekend to hang out (and spin!) with a couple of girls from school. I'm really looking forward to it :)