Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Starting work

I start work on Friday. Well, I've started working with the volunte board a while ago, but the tea room officially opens on Friday. Since I'm the manager, I've been given a lot of things to do and make decisions on.

One of them is whether we should wear uniforms. At first I was against it because some people alluded to requiring us to wear white shirts and black pants. I HATE that combination. I think I was required to wear that uniform too much as a kid in choir concerts and such. Now we're looking at requiring everyone to wear white shirts. Which isn't ideal in my mind, but they've told me the organization will provide two shirts to each of us.

So today I went shopping for white shirts to see what our options are. One woman had bought a few too but I didn't like them. Which comes to my rant. Almost all of the white shirts for sale right now are see through. They're knits but it's a slubby yarn that is knit... Therefore some parts are thick and others are thin, resulting in a see through type shirt. What's the point in that? You'd just have to wear another shirt underneath anyway. Unless you're an exhibitionist, which I am not.

I found a few good options. Hopefully the students agree with me. But really - who cars if they agree. They have to do what I say!