Thursday, 20 February 2014

ITMA competition

As a project in my weaving class, we were tasked with following the design brief of the Virginia Jackson deign competition for upholstered prints and, should it meet the qualifications, actually submit our woven work in the competition.

This has been an interesting challenge. First, we had to research current upholstery trends and present to the class our findings. We then had to make a sample warp to test whether what we designed was a good idea and iron out any problems (example, I had to change the sett - how many yarns in an inch - to ensure it was a more sturdy cloth). 

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Then we had to wash our sample and calculate how much shrinkage because the submitted sample needs to be exactly 27" x 27". I had about a 15% shrinkage rate, so instead of weaving 27", I'm weaving 31". It's been a learning process, but with 780 ends, it's been a lot of work. In class today, I didn't make quite as much progress as I would have liked, however...

I did finish threading! 4 hours later... But better late then never!