Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In full swing

School is definitely in full swing now. I'm finally settling in to the routine. I think I am anyway.

I'm really enjoying my weaving class. I feel that from the first moment I sat at a loom, it was like a choir of angels were singing "Ahhhhhh" in four part harmony. It's definitely something my brain understands and is meant to do.

Right now we are still doing 4 harness weaving, which is what we did last year. Really it's so we refresh ourselves after being away all summer and we're learning how to use a CAD program for weaving, so it easier to learn with something we already know.

Today I started planning for my first big production project. We are having a Christmas Craft Sale the last week of November and have to produce things for it. So I was trying to plan what my colours would be and if I could get more than one thing in one warp. I think it's going to work, but I need to do some mock ups first. We shall see.

I will try to take some pictures of my work to date and post them here soon.